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Healthy-dietingThe purpose of our work together is to help you create your goals, achieve your goals and heal in every way, so that you can live your life with abundance of health, wealth, wisdom and joy. Enlightened Living Hypnosis is your warm and welcoming place to learn, overcome and heal.

Our sessions are in essence a ‘mental training program’ that incorporates precise opportunities for you to LEARN, OVERCOME and HEAL utilizing state of the art techniques that communicate directly with the subconscious mind. The educational component teaches you how to use the tools and strategies for the rest of your life so you can continue to feel empowered even after our work together. Because Hypnosis and NLP generate change in the subconscious mind, our work together helps you release unresolved issues, let go of limiting beliefs and feelings, and stop negative behaviors and thinking.

All programs begin with the Essential 4:

1st Sesson — We build a foundation of confidence while teaching you and your brain to stop negative thinking.

2nd Sesson — We take you back in time to release the root cause or the source of your prevailing negative emotion like anger, depression or guilt.

3rd Sesson — In this session you let go of a core limiting belief that’s sabotaging your life.

4th Sesson — We help you forgive everything and everyone, including yourself, so that you can truly be free to attract the life, relationships and money you truly deserve.

Throughout the Essential 4 we are clearing and preparing yourself and your body making it easier and easier for you to take off that weight and feel great. Of course we go deeper, much deeper as you are on a success weight loss journey filled with fun, learning, goal setting and accountability. The only diet you will be on is a diet from negative thinking. And I am with you all the way.

Enlightened Living Hypnosis Weight Loss Programs Include:

2 hours for the first session with 1 1/2 hour sessions thereafter
Instruction Workbook
Hypnosis audio program(s)


Which of the following options suits you best?

Take Off Weight & Feel Great ~ Eight 1-1/2 hour Private Sessions                    

This program is for people who want to release 20-30 pounds of extra fat from their body and their life. You may have had some unexpected negative experiences that lead you to change how you feel about yourself, your body and your life.  You even know how to eat healthy but are choosing the wrong foods and overeating.  You may even like to move your body but the weight has affected some of your joints and it can be uncomfortable when you move which then kicks in the sabotaging you so you don’t work out.  If you want new tools and strategies for life and you want to be in control of your eating and drinking habits and you want accountability and a new healthier, happier you then this program is for you.



The Essential 4 for Weight Loss ~ Four 1-1/2 hour Private Sessions                   

This Transformation Program is for people who are stressed, overwhelmed, having trouble sleeping or in a funk. A recent or childhood trauma is still affecting you and you need help working through so it doesn’t bother you or control your life anymore. This program teaches and releases the basics. It creates a confidence foundation for you to build upon. This program gives you the basic tools and strategies to shift out of your old patterns and begin to create positivity and peace.  You might be feeling stuck and unhappy with your self, your life and the direction you are going. You want to make changes but are afraid or don’t know how.


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