The Process

The Process Begins with our first communication over the phone or email.  We talk briefly about your situation and how our work together can help you.  We also set the date for your first session.  Next, I email you a confirmation letter with an intake form attached to it for you to fill out and bring with you to our first session or email back to me if we work together through Skype.

The First Session takes about 1 1/2 hours because we go over the intake form, uncover what’s really happening in your life.  I also share tools and strategies you can begin using immediately that help you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.  The scientific studies and testimonials presented are specific to your circumstances and help you feel at ease with the process.  We will do fun activities that clearly demonstrate the power of your thoughts, your subconscious mind and hypnosis.  The first session deepens your understanding of stress and it’s role in your life, too. Our work together is a fascinating journey that provides tools and strategies for the rest of your life that can help you in virtually all life situations.

Additional sessions run about 1 hour and are typically scheduled weekly.  This time frame insures you stay focused on your healing and transformation.  We begin each session with 15 minutes of Coaching and feedback from your week.  Then we launch into the hypnotic experience for the deeper and lasting results.

An Educational Hands-on Manual is provided to bring clarity to the sessions and reinforces the learning’s.  This is an integral part of the program because it can bring you deep insight into yourself and your life.

Hypnosis CD/MP3 is also provided to reinforce the positive suggestions and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques.  As a result of listening to the audio recording, we literally create and  strengthen neural pathways in your mind which forms new patterns of behaviors to respond to life experiences more resourcefully.

My Clients Report Feelings of Deep Relaxation that can last for days, if not weeks.  Sometimes physical pain dissolves and almost always the stress hormone, cortisol, literally melts out of your body.  Many people have an incredible nights sleep after that initial session.

Feeling Calm, Confident and In Control of your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions is also what many people report.  This is the foundation of training your brain for abundance, prosperity, health and happiness.   We continue to build confidence, strengthen the ego and help your thoughts focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

The Essential 4 –
4 Breakthrough Sessions that can help you Overcome Everything!

All Negative Feelings and Fears, Lose Weight, Resolve Childhood Issues, Release and Reframe Resentments and Limiting Beliefs, Fall Asleep Easy and Fall Back to Sleep Quickly,
Reduce Chronic Pain, Overcome Symptoms of Diseases and so much more.

  1. Establishing Confidence & Building Enlightened Living Success Principals
    • Suggestions
      • Observe instead of Judge.
      • Focus on What you Want, What you like, What you can do and What you feel grateful for.
      • Set Your intentions.
      • Ask Resourceful questions.
      • Feeling Calm, Confident and in Control.
    • Enter the Room of Subconscious
      • Connect with Positive Feelings, Emotions and Beliefs.
      • Clear and Release Negative Feelings, Emotions and Beliefs.
      • Strengthen Positive Feelings, Emotions and Beliefs  – Breath Work and White Light Therapy.
    • Install Resourceful Responses
      • Learning from each and every life Experience.
      • Seeing the humor and laughing at situations that used to upset you.
      • Letting Go of negative thoughts, feelings and events easier and faster.
      • Loving Yourself more and more everyday exactly as you are.
  2. More Confidence Building & Clearing The Underlying Cause of a Negative Emotion
    • Confidence Building Suggestions and Reinforcements
    • Regression Therapy with Inner Child Healing and Rescue
    • Future Pacing the Resourceful Self
  3. Time Line Therapy & Transforming a key Limiting Belief
    • Determining Past and Future Locations

    • Rearranging to a more resourceful set up.
    • Relocating Trauma Memories

    • Hypnosis Session with NLP Regression Technique

    • Future Pacing
  4. Forgiveness therapy
    • Forgiveness Preparations
    • Hypnosis to meet guide
    • Invite people to the Forgiveness Fire
    • Determine cords – Relocate or Sever

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