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Do you want a healing tool that can speed recovery? Do you need a new outlook on your health? What is the crucial difference between someone who recovers from an illness and someone who does not?

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Do you want a healing tool that can speed recovery? Do you need a new outlook on your health? What is the crucial difference between someone who recovers from an illness and someone who does not? I believe a major factor that effects change is mindset. When we are sick, injured or in pain, we tend to worry more and become angry or fearful that we won’t get better. This type of thinking literally creates more pain and sickness and slows down recovery. I created this CD to help me shift my thinking and heal my colon. It was one of the first CD’s I created because I knew listening to it could help me heal. I had read in a few scientific journals and books that approximately every 18 months, we generate a new body within our cells. In order to create new healthy ‘baby’ cells, we must believe it’s possible and we must see positive images in our mind of us being and acting healthy and happy instead of sick, depressed or angry. Listening to this CD daily, can give you hope, inspiration, and a renewed outlook as well as tools and strategies that generate healthy cells and a healthy body. And scientific research clearly demonstrates that just going into the relaxed and meditative state we call hypnosis, improves your immune system!

“I am sure that my recovery was given a good kick-start boost through your cd meditation. You wouldn’t believe how far I have come. No cane and only feel a twinge of pain. I am listening to your CD and making amazing progress. You are amazing Randi.” ~ Deane Gemmel – Intuitive author/artist/spiritual advisor.

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This jewel case is equipped with 2 almost identical healing sessions. The 2nd session is the ‘bonus’ session. It’s for people who need help falling asleep or falling back to sleep. It’s almost identical to the 1st session but instead of taking you out of hypnosis, it just let’s you drift off to natural sleep. When you listen to a hypnosis session, your mind automatically becomes focused. Your brain waves begin to cycle out of Beta, which is the active, awake and alert state, to the focused and hypnotic states of Alpha and Theta. As your brain waves continue to slow down from Beta through Alpha and Theta the next level is Delta – which is sleep. Just by listening to my voice, you are focusing and your brain waves naturally slow down until you fall asleep. Jumpstart you healing and purchase the Jewel case. The price includes shipping and handling.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jan huber

    I first met Randi when I was having a great deal of pain in my left hip. I was limping in pain as I walked, and I was taking medication. She introduced me to hypnosis and led me through several sessions. Randi taught me self hypnosis and how to over come pain in my hip. After the second session I walked out without any pain. I continue to use self hypnosis to maintain control of any pain. Randi promised I would be able to ride my bike as part of my hypnosis progress. I recently went on a 20 mile bike ride with a friend. I would highly recommend Randi’s self hypnosis sessions. She is very talented and you will be amazed.

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