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Your warm and welcoming place to Learn, Overcome and Heal.

Private Sessions are the most personalized and effective way to make deep and lasting change.  The Life Coaching component of the sessions provides powerful strategies that help you understand your patterns of behaviors in a non-judgmental way.  This leads you to become more clear on yourself and why other people behave the way they do.  Each session is tailored to you and your circumstances – you can ask questions and get the help you truly deserve in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

The 1 hour format for each session includes the Hypnotic Process and Life Coaching.  Research demonstrates that a suggestion given in a hypnotic state can have the same effect as long term conditioning and practice.  Clearly, each session is an outstanding opportunity to create change in all areas of your life.  Private sessions provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to live life with more joy, peace and contentment.
  • Overcome everything that’s in your way of abundance, prosperity and manifesting what you want to achieve, feel and experience in your life.
  • Heal your history, your body and your life!

The purpose of our work together is to help you create your goals, achieve your goals and heal in every way, so that you can live your life with abundance of health, wealth, wisdom and joy.

Our sessions are in essence a ‘Mental Training Program’ that incorporates precise opportunities to learn how to create your life by design.  We utilize state of the art and scientifically proven techniques that communicate directly with the subconscious mind. The educational component teaches you how to use the tools and strategies for the rest of your life so you can continue to feel empowered even after our work together.

Because Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) generate change in the subconscious mind, our work together helps you release unresolved issues, let go of limiting beliefs and feelings, and stop negative behaviors and thinking.  You begin to learn from life experiences, laugh at things that used to bother you and let things go so much easier.  You also begin the process of self-love to that you can become your own best friend.  Self-love is an extremely important component for you to move forward in life.

All programs include the Essential 4:

1st —  1 1/2 hours – We build a foundation of confidence while teaching you and your brain to stop negative thinking.  We begin emotional clearing and retrain your brain to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want and to focus on what you like about yourself and your life.  The next session takes place about a week later.

2nd — 1 hour – We continue to build a calm, confident and in control you.  We teach you how to relax and begin the much deeper work of emotional clearing.  It’s called Regression.  We take you back in time to the root cause or the source of your prevailing negative feeling like anger, depression, guilt or fear.

3rd — 1 hour – You get to rearrange your perception of time so that past negative or stress events are no longer in your way of creating a bright and compelling future.  Time Line Therapy, a life changing NLP technique, helps you discover how you map and code time to see if you are experiencing your past and future memories in the most useful and resourceful way. We can relocate time and we can relocate traumatic memories.  What’s fascinating to me is my ADHD or ADD clients usually have their past memories scattered and zigzagging right in front of their faces.  This can be distracting and can easily be changed!

Furthermore, this session you let go of a dominant limiting belief that could be sabotaging your life.  It’s another style of regression that is highly effective at changing that limiting belief that got created when you were younger.

4th  — We help you forgive everything and everyone, including yourself, so that you can truly be free to attract the life, relationships and money you truly deserve.  Resentments from recent or past events can rule your life and block you from joy, success and fulfilling your life purpose.  The Forgiveness Fire provides a safe space for you to heal from past wounds that no longer serve you.  This life-changing process is also the cornerstone of our work together.  The opportunity for healing and forgiving includes people who have already passed on, too.

Private sessions can be done via Skype, Phone or one of my offices in or near Northwest Indiana.

Each session you receive valuable tools and strategies that are personalized for you and your situation. The first session is 2 hours and each additional session is approximately 1 1/2 hours. Ideally, we schedule our sessions one week apart for the first month and then bimonthly or monthly depending on the program.

** All Programs Include an Instruction Manual & Hypnosis Audio Program(s)

Private Program Options include Coaching, Healing and Transformation!

Which of the following options suits you best?

The Essential 4

Are you stressed out, worried or feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Are you feeling the effects of sleep issues in your relationships, your health or your profession? 

Are you allowing food, alcohol, cigarettes or other negative habits control your life? 

Let’s face it, the 21st century demands of balancing our busy lives can take a toll on our health and happiness.  To add fuel to the stress is the fact that almost all of us have unresolved childhood traumas or issues that get triggered from things happening today.  Loss of any kind can be a trigger whether from divorce, death, losing a job or wanting to make changes in your life.

Unfortunately, we are not taught how to communicate our feelings in a resourceful and useful way.  Many people are actually taught to stuff their feelings, especially men.  Our work together provides you with specialized, easy to use tools to help you overcome and release negative feelings quickly.

This Transformation Program is for people who are stressed, overwhelmed, having trouble sleeping or in a funk. A recent or childhood trauma is still affecting you and you need help working through it so it doesn’t bother you or control your life anymore. You might be feeling stuck and unhappy with your self, your life and the direction you are going. You want to make changes but are afraid or don’t know how. This program gives you the basic tools and strategies to shift out of your old patterns and begin to live your life with positivity, peace and confidence so you can live a life you truly deserve filled with abundance of health, wealth, wisdom and joy!

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Outstanding 8

This training program option is for people who are go-getters, love learning and are ready to make deep and lasting changes to attract the life, relationships and money they truly deserve. You know you have some deep issues that must be resolved. You may have chronic physical and emotional challenges that you know you can get past but you don’t know how. They are a burden and in your way. You want tools and strategies to live your best life, to feel happy and secure and let nothing stand in your way. Your negative behavioral patterns run deep. You have recently begun to feel the effects of all the stress and negativity in your life. You know it’s bad for your health and you want to stop it before you or ‘it’ gets out of control. You realize that all these issues are affecting your ability to sleep, make money and have great relationships. You know you can take charge of your life, you just need tools and strategies. You want to clear and heal the underlying causes so you can break through your old patterns of behavior and be your authentic self, filled with abundance and prosperity.




Weight Loss Program

We offer a number of private weight loss programs designed to bring the reduce stress, promote better sleep patterns, lose weight and help individuals achieve the physical transformation they desire. We will also address emotional trauma that may still be affecting you presently. The programs offered give you the basic tools and strategies to shift out of your old patterns and begin to create positivity and peace.

Interested in learning more about our Weight Loss program options?

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Children’s Program Options

We offer several programs designed for kids or parents who are constantly worried about their kids because they know they need tools and strategies to help them succeed in life. If you notice your child is a worrywart, or becomes overwhelmed or anxious easily, then you may consider one of our programs. Or, if you notice your child is shy or has a lot of fears, the essential 4 can help them breakthrough those behaviors and believe in themselves more.

Interested in learning more about our children’s program options?

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