Relief from Chronic Physical Pain

Are you taking pain meds or thinking about taking them just to deal with your day-to-day life?

If you are living with chronic pain from an injury or from a disease like fibromyalgia, neuropathy or arthritis, then you are most likely stressed out and worried about how you are going to feel and how you are going to function on a day-to-day basis.

What is Pain?

Body-in-painPain is a perception. Pain is an interpretation that stems from chemical signals. It’s interesting to note that anesthesia medications work by blocking neurotransmitters from communicating the signal of pain to the brain. Hypnotic Suggestions can also do the same. It doesn’t matter the cause of the pain, your thoughts, emotions, stress and perception can amplify or inhibit the discomfort. Even when you are feeling pain, if your best friend calls you and get deeply involved in the conversation, somehow for a brief period of time you are no longer paying attention to the pain signals and thus are no longer experiencing the pain.

Stress and Pain

As you already know, pain can be debilitating in and of itself, yet the aftershocks of incessant pain are usually worry, fear and more pain. Negative thinking leads to negative feelings and can typically activate the stress response in your body – It’s also known as the fight, flight, or freeze response. When your body’s fight, flight or freeze response gets turned on, one of the key chemicals being released is the stress hormone Cortisol. As it’s being manufactured it’s difficult to feel good because your body cannot simultaneously manufacture cortisol and the feel good chemicals like serotonins and dopamine’s. When your body is manufacturing Cortisol, you can feel depressed, irritated or angry at your situation. You can get stuck on this learned behavioral pattern. (To read more about the Stress Response – Click Here)

The stress hormone, Cortisol, when continuous, makes your pain worse because it frequently produces inflammation in the body – which aggravates any physical condition. Fear, worry and other negative emotions, feed the problem, magnify your discomfort and can make the pain worse, sometimes much worse.

Managing your stress becomes imperative to feeling better. Managing your stress begins with understanding your mind and how you thoughts can activate the stress response in the body and ends with learning how to get in and out of a negative ‘state’ (feeling) quickly. Hypnosis is great for stress reduction and for relief from chronic pain. Hypnosis literally decreases the Cortisol levels in the body!

Emotions and Pain

In a book written by Dr. John Sarno, he made a number of fascinating discoveries in his study with over 2000 patients. MRI’s confirmed a variety of physical problems including arthritis, arthrosis and stenosis in the spine of many of his patients with debilitating pain. Yet when he took MRI’s of people without any pain, he discovered that they too had the same physical problems, but no pain. He came up with a theory that if you are angry or harboring deep resentment or guilt, the pain in your body can be used as a distraction so that you don’t have to deal with those intense emotions and they literally show up as pain instead.

When people recognize and release the emotions their pain goes away! I have seen this happen with my clients, too. My father in law lived in extreme pain. As he aged this man walked bent over and very slow. His chronic pain made it very difficult for him to sleep through the night. After one of our sessions, he released the 20+ years of guilt at not being at his dad’s deathbed. He slept through the night for the first time in 20 years and for years to come.

As a Consulting Hypnotist, I have been trained in a vast amount of techniques that help clients greatly reduce and manage their discomfort.

  • Automatic Healing Technique – NLP technique
  • Hypnotic Suggestions that change the perception of pain
  • Regression Therapy

We can clear any all-negative emotions contributing to your condition. We can regress you back in time to the root cause of any dominant negative emotion. This process reduces the strength and times you experience the negative emotion. You can get in and out of a negative state much easier and much quicker. You could call Regression Therapy ‘The Neutralizer.’ As a result it greatly reduces the Cortisol levels in your body, which in turn reduces inflammation. Emotional clearing greatly reduces your pain levels! Emotional clearing has many other benefits, too.

Client Successes

Dear Randi,
Thank you so much for today’s session. As we began I noticed a pain in my upper back along with the arthritic pain in my left hand. I thought, ouch that is really sore. Through our sessions with relaxing and healing techniques I felt a tingle through my entire body and then release, I felt my soreness leave. My upper back and hand did not have that throbbing constant pain any longer. When our sessions ended I felt calm, relaxed and pain free. Wow! It was such a powerful, wonderful experience that is difficult to find the words to adequately describe it. All I know is that I am better. I highly recommend Randi, and her relaxing and healing technique for anyone that suffers from pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
– Betty Russell, Relationship Coach

Dear Randi,
When I first visited you I was feeling pain in my hip, which causes me to walk with difficulty. I gave it a 7. You took me through hypnosis in several sessions, and showed me how I could induce self-hypnosis myself. After 3 sessions, I walked out of your office normally, no discomfort. This lasts all day. I listen to the CDs everyday and the discomfort remains at a low level. I have been very actively engaged with family during this time and that has not made my discomfort go up to a higher level. I will continue to listen to the CD’s and live my life as I visualize it. I am also working on weight loss, and can sense I will be successful. Thank you so much for the tools to use to enhance my goals. Randi you taught me much!
– Jan Huber

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