Meditation for Mother Earth

Meditation for Mother Earth

Do you have a deep desire to help heal Mother Earth and heal yourself in the process? Do you want to have a unique Earth Day experience that can help you and humanity move forward? Then be a part of the solution in honor of EARTH DAY and John Muir’s Bearthday.

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Randi Hypnotizes Simon – “Dig The Dunes”

Simon talks to Randi Light and learns of the benefits of hypnosis. Then he gets hypnotized! Watch it all here.

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6 Steps

6 Steps to Guide You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be – “E” Engaging NWI Business Women Presentation (Radio)

Is something blocking you from feeling more focused, confident and fulfilled?

Would you like to learn how to get out of your own way?

Our guest speaker Randi Light, a Transformation Specialist and Peak Performance Coach, will lead you through an experiential presentation that will uplift, inspire and deliver breakthrough strategies that get results.

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Forgiveness Fire

The Forgiveness Fire – Hypnosis and NLP To Heal Your History

What do you believe is the fastest and most effective way to heal your body and your life? To me, the answer is forgiveness. When you forgive yourself and other people, you release negative emotions from your cells. It literally can reprogram your DNA. I know people who have overcame diseases from releasing resentment, anger and guilt. Hypnosis makes it easier to heal, accept, move on and be free.

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Peak Performance

Peak Performance Training – A Workshop for Hypnotherapists…

Get hypnotized to be in The Zone! The ideal performance state also called Flow that you can tap into, on and off the court, course and field to be outstanding.

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