Dig The Dunes

Learn skills of hypnotherapy with Randi Light!

Dig the dunes sat down with Randi Light, the dunes area premiere hypnotherapist. Dig the Dunes is a social media platform that uncovers all the secrets of the dunes! Randi has been sharing her skills with others in a new hypnosis class. Find out if you are a candidate and what you can learn from her!

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Grace Smith TV

Grace Smith TV Mentions Randi Light

On Monday one of my long-standing intentions came true and I taped my first segment for NATIONAL TELEVISION in front of a live studio audience. This show is called “The Noite with Danilo Gentili” and it’s considered to be the “Jimmy Fallon” of Brazil. It has the second highest viewership in Brazil, so we’re talking at least a few hundred thousand views when it airs!
I have to admit, the entire week leading up to the event I had SO MUCH extra energy in my body!! I didn’t even know what to do at times so I relied on my BBB’s (the women in an incredible mastermind I’m so honored to be apart of), my hypnotherapist, Randi Light, my coach, Dawn Copeland, family, best friends, and SOO much Bikram yoga, meditation & self-hypnosis.

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Post Tribune

Consulting hypnotist, mental trainer aims to enlighten clients – “Post Tribune”

Randi Light is the president of Enlightened Living Inc. She is a consulting hypnotist, transformation specialist and mental trainer who specializes in pain relief, sleep issues, peak performance, weight loss, stress reduction and overcoming negative feelings and fears. Our interview took place in her healing room.

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Meet Your Neighbors

Meet Your Neighbors – “Dig The Dunes”

Meet Randi Light, Transformational Specialist, Mental Trainer & Healer. Randi was awarded “Hypnotist of the Year” in 2012 at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference.

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