Through my GraceNotes, YouTube channelsocial media, webinars, individual client sessions, GraceSmithTV Premium programs and EVERYTHING else I create for our community, my intention is to remind you and inspire you to continually reprogram your subconscious mind until your thoughts reflect the life you want to live, until your dreams start to become your reality. 
When this happens in my own life, in a big way, I think it’s important to share it with you so that you can see how I still put these tools to work and how we are all still a work in progress.
So with that, I have some big news to share… 
On Monday one of my long-standing intentions came true and I taped my first segment for NATIONAL TELEVISION in front of a live studio audience… 
it was CRAZZZZYYY awesome!!!  

This show is called “The Noite with Danilo Gentili” and it’s considered to be the “Jimmy Fallon” of Brazil. It has the second highest viewership in Brazil, so we’re talking at least a few hundred thousand views when it airs this Monday, June 15th at 12:30pm BRT / 11:30pm EST … (at least a few hundred thousand…  ahhhh!!) 
I have to admit, the entire week leading up to the event I had SO MUCH extra energy in my body!! I didn’t even know what to do at times so I relied on my BBB’s (the women in an incredible mastermind I’m so honored to be apart of), my hypnotherapist, Randi Light, my coach, Dawn Copeland, family, best friends, and SOO much Bikram yoga, meditation & self-hypnosis. 
Right up until I arrived at the studio I was a big ball of so many feelings, but the INSTANT my brand new high heeled shoes hit the pavement in the SBT network parking lot, I was like a different person entirely. I did not feel even a FLUTTER of fear, NO FEAR AT ALL! Just a pure calm, confident excitement, anticipation, happy adrenaline…  basically, cloud 9!!! 
As soon as I arrived producers whisked me into my private dressing room (which was right next to the dressing room of Uzo Abduba’s; “Crazy Eyes” from Orange is the New Black!!!) and there was so much food there that I was just not in the mind-frame to partake in, so luckily my husband was there to chow down on Pão de Queijo & chocolate cake.  

Next came hair & makeup, I’ve never had so much black eyeliner on in my life but I trusted that these talented ladies knew what would look good on camera and went with the flow… again, totally out of character (I know how I like my eyeliner!) but it felt so good to just trust… 
Next came someone strapping on my microphone and then the earpiece that would speak English into my ear… I felt like a super hero with a jet pack on… so much for my sexy backless jumper… live and learn!… still totally unfazed and going with the flow… 
Next came the translators explaining to me how it would work and asking me to do my best to not let there be a delay in my responses even though I wouldn’t know what the host had asked me for a few seconds… ok!! will do my best! … 
Then before I knew it my hubs Bernardo was being taken into the audience and I was walking behind the set with one of the really sweet producers, we get behind the red curtain, she tells me when it opens to walk out, and “good luck, have fun”!! 
Despite all of the visualizing and prep I had done with my hypnotherapist for this moment, there was still the tiniest part of me that thought I might start to panic once I was standing behind the red curtain (I used to have debilitating stage fright, it’s one of the reasons I tried hypnosis in the first place), but I was TOTALLY calm and confident, like SHOCKINGLY calm and confident, and I got to reaffirm to myself before going out there to teach thousands of people these tools, “Holy Sh*t Hypnosis Is F’ING AMAZING!!! It’s Working, it’s Really Working!!!” … duh… but seriously sometimes when we do work on the subconscious for high level peak performance, we don’t exactly get to test national television, or the Olympics, or a TedTalk etc. out in advance so when you’re there, in the moment, and you’re SO good because of the subconscious prep you’ve done, it’s still an exhilarating shock, for even me! 
I felt in the zone, I felt alive, I wanted to get out there… and then I heard my name, the curtain opens, I hear SO MUCH APPLAUSE!!! and I’m walking across the stage…
The interview itself was so intense!!! Danilo Gentili, the host who was so nice and gracious, would ask me a question in Portuguese, a man would translate to English via my earpiece, then I would begin to respond before the man in English had finished so there wouldn’t be a delay, and as soon as I started speaking, a women would translate into Portuguese and it would project via loudspeaker throughout the entire studio… it was SO confusing but I have to say, I LOVED IT! I had to trust that whatever was coming out of my mouth was exactly what I was supposed to say because I quite literally couldn’t think before I spoke… 
Talk about channeling 😉 

It was such an electric and “in the now” experience… 
Sometimes the audience wouldn’t laugh at my jokes because the translation didn’t make sense… 
Sometimes I’d say something I didn’t think was particularly funny and the audience would ERRUPT in laughter lol… 
I have no idea what will happen as a result of the show airing thisMonday, June 15th at 12:30pm BRT / 11:30pm EST since some of what I say definitely won’t make sense via translation lol, but some of it will and my intention is that it will help and inspire thousands of people to integrate self-hypnosis and stress relief techniques into their daily lives as a result! 
I need YOU! 
In fact, at the end of the segment I actually got to look into the camera and “hypnotize Brazil”!! I called it “Relaxa Brasil” which translates as “Relax Brazil” but also kinda means “It’s All Good, Chill Out Brazil” so it’s the closest I’ve ever come to making hypnosis seem “cool” or “hip”… which has been my life’s mission for almost three years now 😉 
During the process I asked the audience to begin by noticing what number they were experiencing from 0-10 (0=Zero Stress, 10=The Most Stress), then led them through a 2 minute stress relieving hypnosis process, and closed by asking them their new, lower number from 0-10. 
After that I asked everyone to Tweet @GraceSmithTV, their first number – their second number, and #RelaxaBrasil so that I can see it worked and congratulate them on learning how to decrease their stress level so quickly. It’ll look like this and only the numbers will change depending on the experience of the viewers: 
@GraceSmithTV 7-4 #RelaxaBrasil!!! 
Won’t you join us?! Even if you can’t get the Brazilian channel SBT at home, I’ll be watching the show here on UStream live when it airs, then I’ll guide everyone who is online with me on Ustream through the same hypnosis process in English so that you can take part in the tweet party with us!!! 
This was a dream come true, was so much fun to share my message and these tools with so many people!!! Imagine 1,000,000 people watching this show and everyone of them learning how to decrease their daily stress level by even just 10%… it could be the beginning of a beautiful new world 🙂 
I’m so grateful to Marcelo Zaccariotto, the amazing director of the show for inviting me on, to Cazé Peçanha for being so supportive and inviting his friend Marcelo to my workshop in São Paulo where we met, to Alex Budim for hosting my workshops at his incredible space Co-op 66, and to my wonderful brother-in-law, Vinicius for putting together the workshop “Stress Relief for the United Nations” that got the whole ball rolling. 
Life works in such mysterious ways! I never in a million year would have guessed my work with the UN would lead to a spot on The Noite with Danilo Gentili, but there you go… 
We simply set our intentions, continue to hypnotize ourselves daily to think the thoughts that reflect the life we want to live, and say YES when opportunities pop up <3 
Thank you for listening, thank you for being apart of this community, thank you for your support and I hope to see you Monday night here on Ustream (it’s free of course!):

With Love,
P.S. If you want to share this information on your social media I’d so appreciate it! Here is a message you can personalize then share in English & Portuguese: 
Hi! Grace Smith is a hypnotherapist and stress relief expert I follow because ______.  She’s going to be on TV this Monday, June 15th at 12:30am BRT / 11:30pm EST hypnotizing Brazil to decrease stress in their lives. To watch and learn this stress relief self-hypnosis for yourself you can follow along here: Hope to see you there! #RelaxaBrasil #GSTV #Hypnosis #StressRelief #GetFree   

Hi! A Grace Smith é uma hipnoterapeuta e especialista em alívio de stress eu sigo porque _______. Ela vai estar na TV essa Segunda-Feira, 15 de Junho, meia-noite e meia (Horário de Brasília) hipnotizando o Brasil para aliviar estresse em suas vidas. Para assistir e aprender essa tecnica de auto-hipnose, voce pode clicar no seguinte link: . Espero te ver lá!

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