Hypnosis Training

The Essential 4 Specialist Certification:


How many of these things have you experienced?

  • You get good results with some of your clients BUT you could get even better results if you had a specific system that was repeatable with every client
  • Your client is resistant to changing and continues to self-sabotage
  • You aren’t sure what type of session to do with your clients’ presenting issue
  • It’s hard for you to get clear on the best system to use for your client.
  • You are in the middle of regression and you are not sure what to do to facilitate the inner child work
  • You know forgiveness is beneficial but you are unclear on how to make it happen
  • You have heard of Time Line Therapy but don’t feel confident doing it with clients

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Peak Performance Coach Certification:

How many of these things have you experienced?

  • You aren’t sure what techniques would work the best with athletes and performers
  • You want to do add peak performance as revenue stream but you don’t know where or how to begin
  • You want to work with athletic teams but you’re afraid because you haven’t done a lot of group trainings
  • A heaviness or sadness that comes from working with so many clients who’s stories start getting to you
  • You start worrying that some of those things might happen to you
  • You don’t have enough time to research and create the protocol, products and handouts
  • You need a business model that makes sense to you

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Hypnotherapy Certification

This certification that Randi is offering you features the latest research in:

  • The mind body connection (to help your clients rapidly resolve those physical issues)
  • Neuroscience (the scientific proof of why we do what we do)
  • Heart coherence (allowing others to be their very best)

This equals to YOUR CLIENTS outstanding upgrades emotionally, physically, mentally, financially & spiritually.

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift (Certificate)


 Better Health, More Joy!

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