Become a Certified Essential 4 Specialist 

December 2nd and 3rd 2017    9 – 5 CDT  in Northwest Indiana 

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How many of these things have you experienced?

 You get good results with some of your clients BUT you could get even better results if you had a specific system that was repeatable with every client
 Your client is resistant to changing and continues to self-sabotage
 You aren’t sure what type of session to do with your clients’ presenting issue
 It’s hard for you to get clear on the best system to use for your client.
 You are in the middle of regression and you are not sure what to do to facilitate the inner child work
 You know forgiveness is beneficial but you are unclear on how to make it happen
 You have heard of Time Line Therapy but don’t feel confident doing it with clients

Turn your Challenges into Successes

 Learn THE system that can be utilized with every client
 The system delivers clear techniques to use during every session
 Transformational Regression, Time Line Therapy and Forgiveness – how to take your clients from sabotage to success
 With laser accuracy – spot, find and remove whatever is in your clients way so they can get what they want and move forward
 Learn hypnotic enhancers that increase healing and results
 Effectively lead your client to manage their state, their life and their future
 Get trained and certified as an Essential 4 Specialist

When you know every step to take with your client, it frees you to be intuitive, on point and focused on delivering highly effective hypnotic suggestions

As an Essential 4 Specialist you get:
 The Training Manual with all the scripts you for each of the 4 sessions
 2 Client Workbooks with rights to give to your clients
 7 MP3’s for anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight loss, confidence and healing your body
 Certification as an Essential 4 Specialist
 A clear understanding of how to incorporate music into your sessions to increase results
 Unstoppable confidence with regression and inner child techniques
 How to incorporate Time Line Therapy as a game changer for even better results

One technique is not enough, you must have these 4 sessions to move your client from the pits to the peaks!

Reserve your seat now for 697.00

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