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*Athletic Performance   *Sleep Issues   *Eating Disorders

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Children are naturally good at hypnosis because they aren’t analyzing everything that is happening during the hypnotic experience, they simply immerse themselves in their imaginations and enjoy the experience.  This is true for almost all children, ages 5 to 25.

 Children’s brainwaves are virtually always cycling between 8-12 cycles/second.  This is a light state of hypnosis called Alpha.  When kid or adult brainwaves are  in cycling in Alpha, they are much more open and receptive to suggestions.  Alpha is a focused and relaxed state, where athletes play their very best.

I believe it’s of the utmost importance to make the entire experience fun for children, especially the younger ones.  I incorporate fun and educational activities that engage them and help them remember what I am teaching them.  Also, kids receive a gift at each session.

Another significant component is to allow your child to chose something they would like to work on besides the presenting issue.  For example, you as the parent might want your child to get better grades.  The child might want that too but may have some fears or issues or beliefs around success or failure.  They might just lack the confidence in themselves to try their hardest to succeed.  Our sessions would help them clear the emotions and get to the root cause providing them the confidence and belief in themselves to succeed.

The child on the other hand, might want to improve in a particular sport or activity.  To insure the child’s success, we work on both.  This process creates a cooperative scenario and sets up opportunities for success in both areas.

Honestly it doesn’t matter what the presenting issue is, the work that I do with them can help them get much more focused and overcome grief and fears and worries.

Unfortunately some kids have heard negative things about hypnosis, even though it’s a very empowering experience.


Usually, if the child agrees to come in and talk with me, I can show them a few things that gets them excited to be a part of this amazing experience.  I email you an intake form for both you and the child to fill it.  For the younger children, the form asks simple questions and asks

“If I a gave you 3 wishes, what would you wish for?’

The answers can help up get to know each other and feel comfortable working together.  The 1st session is a training program that helps them understand themselves and helps them understand their thoughts and imagination.  I teach them how to use their imagination to feel more joy and calm and confident.

Instead of calling it hypnosis, I take them to their ‘Super Powers Magic Place.’  A flavorite place where they feel comfortable, confident and strong.  While they are in their special place, I install positive suggestions of confidence and so much more.



Which of the following options suits you best?

The Essential 4 for Kids – Ages 6-24 ~ 4 1- private sessions

This program is for kids or parents who are constantly worried about their ‘kids’ because they know they need tools and strategies to help them succeed in life.  If you notice your child is a worrywart or easily becomes overwhelmed or anxious then this is a great program for him or her.

Your child might be shy or have fears, the essential 4 can help them breakthrough those behaviors and believe in themselves more.  The Essential 4 for kids is extremely beneficial for ADD/ADHD children too.  It instills confidence, teaches them how to focus and helps them to get the things they are supposed to get done, done.  If you want to help them overcome their conflicted feelings and learn tools and strategies for success that they don’t teach you in school then lets do these sessions.  Included in this program is one hypnosis audio program. Younger kids receive a personalized hypnosis audio program.


Athletes Essential 4 ~ Four  1 hour Private Coaching Sessions

This mental training program is great for talented kids who want the mental ‘edge’ to get to that next level of confidence and skill.  A crucial success component for athletes is their psychology. They must overcome any negative or limiting beliefs about themselves and their performances.  This program gets to the root cause of negative beliefs and transforms them.  The program instills confidence and tools to stay relaxed when they need to relax and utilize the power of their imagination for success. If your child needs help focusing and playing outstanding during the game, match or meet, then this program is right for you.

This program includes: 

4 private sessions
peak performance instruction book
Hypnosis with NLP Audio Program

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