What do you think FORGIVENESS DOES? These are the questions I ask my clients before taking them to the ‘Forgiveness Fire.’ Contemplate these questions.

Realize that Forgiveness is for you. No matter what has happened, do it for you. Forgiveness is an ACT OF LOVE – and it is basically the answer to almost every problem.

Think of someone or even a situation – right now and talk to that person – in your mind – heart to heart – so you can be free. Say what you need to say – hear what you need to hear.

Open your heart and set yourself free!

What”s in it for me? Relaxation, Confidence, a feeling of peace, sleeping better, visualization and breathing techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere to feel better fast.

When? Tuesday, June 11
Where? East Wind Studios, 101 2nd St., Chesterton, IN 6:30 to 7:30 pm.
Why? Because you are worth it.
Randi Light of Enlightened Living Hypnosis will guide you into a relaxed and focused state. It’s fun, unique and it’s FREE!

I was shown in several near deaths that when a large group of beings of Light come together in one place, with an intention of LOVE, you literally shift the entire planet. People feel it on the other side of the world. Our World is in a delicate place now, very delicate and us Lightworkers stood in line to be here at this critical choice point. Please join us this September 27-28-29 to make a difference. Let’s come together in Unity and Love with Purpose to make Great Changes for the Better. We Deserve it, your children deserve it! Their children deserve it and many generations beyond. Given in Love, My heart to Your Heart. No one will be turned away because of lack of finances but there must be an exchange of energy or there is no value in it. I need someone to make the badges, someone to bring roses (high-vibrational flowers) to decorate the stage, someone who can be in charge of making signs guiding people to the Krasa building. Help with getting a lot there and bringing it back. Making sure speakers get to/from their hotels, etc.

Tuesday, June, 11 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, I am leading a Free Hypnosis Meditation at East Wind Studios, 101 2nd St. See you there!

Really, truly good enough, loved enough, strong enough, smart enough, enough? It’s true – Sometimes you must do the emotional clearing to feel this truth. It’s worth it!


✣ …Our whole Spiritual Transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our Own Being, we are enough…

✣ Ram Dass

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Thank you Mary Janiga for posting this. I think it says it all! My client results certainly reflect this, too.


Enjoying my CEU certification training this weekend. I love using hypnotherapy as a tool. Very powerful! ETE 

Guess What? The Altitude Volleyball team I have been working with doing Mental Toughness and Training – placed 4th at the Chicago’s Windy City Tournament and League and was given the USA Volleyball Bid for Nationals!!!!!!!! They began their Volleyball journey this year as a team in 12th place, moved, up to 9th, 7th and finished in 4th place, today! Why them? Dedication, Commitment, talent, amazing Coach Carey Yukich and Peak Performance training = SUCCESS!

Let’s do it! Hypnosis and Meditation are very similar. I believe hypnosis is easier to achieve.

View my latest video for more information about the upcoming Spring Into Transformation event! This is your time to create your breakthrough – personal or professional!

Enjoy your journey!

~Randi Light~

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