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Randi Light

Randi Light, MS, CH is a Transformation Specialist, Mental Trainer, Healer and Certified Hypnotherapist serving Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan, the Greater Chicago Area, and around the globe via Skype.

Her life work combines years of research, training, and life skills to help people breakthrough old and limiting feelings, beliefs and patterns of behaviors in order to live an authentic life, with self-love, joy and confidence.  Randi communicates from the heart and lives her life in service to others. She utilizes state-of-the-art and scientifically proven tools to create fast and effective change in the subconscious mind where all deep and lasting change takes places. This process enables participants to rapidly move forward and attract the life, money and relationships they truly deserve. 


Notable Information

Randi was awarded ‘Hypnotist Of The Year’ for 2012 at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference. 
She was a host and founder of Transformational Radio at WVLP-LP in Valparaiso, IN.

Author of “The Essential 4: How To Dramatically Increase Your Success Rates – The Training Manual for Hypnotherapists.”

The Black Pearl Award

The Black Pearl Award was started in 2012 and recognizes an individual for their outstanding commitment to, and participation in, the betterment of women and to the Business Women United Network. Started four years ago, the award showcases the black pearl. Pearls are said to symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one’s karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer. The black pearl is particularly unique. Many myths and folktales surround this ancient gemstones of the sea:

  • Early Chinese civilization considered black pearls a symbol of wisdom and believed they were formed within a dragon’s head. Once full-grown, the pearls were carried between the dragon’s teeth. According to the myth, one had to slay the dragon to gather the pearls. The ancient Japanese believed that pearls were created from the tears of mythical creatures, such as mermaids, nymphs, and angels.
  • One Persian legend tells that pearls were created when a rainbow met the earth after a storm. Imperfections in a pearl’s appearance were thought to be the result of thunder and lightning.
  • The ancient Egyptians prized pearls so much that they were buried with them. Cleopatra reportedly dissolved a pearl from one of her earrings in a glass of either wine or vinegar, depending on the source, and drank it. She did this just to show Mark Anthony that she could devour the wealth of an entire nation in just one gulp.

It is with great honor that we award tonight’s nominee “The BWUN Black Pearl Award.” The nominee should demonstrate evidence of support for the goals and objectives of BWUN and have been a member for a minimum of three (3) years. They should also demonstrate:

  • Examples of contributions to women and furthering the advancement of women
  • Examples of activities advancing the cause of women
  • Examples of programs to advancing the cause of women

This individual selected embodies all three in that she is constantly advancing the cause of women through activities and programs, as well as contributions to the cause of women. We have been the benefactor each year at our Winter Retreat of her gifts and talents to bettering all of us through meditative practices and guided hypnotism. She is a national speaker, mother, free-spirit, loving friend, and beautiful individual inside and out. We are so thankful for her and her commitment to our cause, as one of our first and longest-standing members, and we could not be more proud to award, Randi Light, with the 2016 Black Pearl Award.


IMDHABadge100Randi is a Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, Hypnotism Academy of Indiana and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Her commitment to her clients goes well beyond the formal training required. Each year, she experiences a variety of conventions, conferences, seminars, and workshops to learn the most up-to-date techniques in the field and gain enormous amounts of insight. Below is an array of trainings Randi has completed over the years.

    • Pediatric Hypnosis
    • Alchemical Hypnotherapy & Somatic Healing
    • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
    • Basic & Advanced DNA Theta Healing
    • Pain Relief
    • Past Life Regression
    • Put Insomnia To Sleep
    • Hypnobirthing
    • One Session Allergy Elimination
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Relationships
    • Positive Discipline
    • Family Therapy
    • Transparenting
    • Spiritual and Intuitive Healing
    • Chakra Healing
    • Meditation
    • Reiki – The Healing Touch (1st and 2nd Degree)
    • Wisdom Healing Qigong
    • Outward Bound
    • Vision Quest

Randi’s Story

Randi was, and still is, the friend people feel safe and compelled to open up to. As a child she was interested in helping people. At 10 years old, Randi remembers diligently trying to help her girlfriend’s little brother overcome his autism. She truly believed she could help him. She wanted to, but didn’t know how. That is Randi’s first memory of her passion for helping other people heal. A few years later, she began hypnotizing her friends. At the time, she had no idea of the therapeutic benefits.

Years later, Randi attended Indiana University (IU) where she began her coursework studying social work and psychology. Next, she started taking classes that lead her to IU’s business school, number 2 in the nation. Even though Randi’s heart was not in business, she thought, “I was supposed to and that I should head in that direction.” During this time, she developed a deep love for the Earth and for Children. After graduating college, Randi began teaching at a summer camp that was really an outdoor school program. The program amazed her. She believed that all education should be as fun and creative as “Sunship Earth.” This was one of those powerful moments when Randi knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life; teach people to love and care for the Earth. At this point, she was sincerely considering a Masters Degree in Environmental Education.

In the meantime, Randi moved to Portland, OR and began teaching gymnastics at the Multnomah Athletic Club. While lifting a child out of “the pit,” Randi seriously injured her back. She was in pain and could not work; could not sit; and could barely carry groceries, let alone pay for them. This experience changed her life forever. She went to five different Chiropractors, a Naturopath, an Orthopedic Surgeon, and a Neurologist. No one could help! The pain was problematic, extending from the top of the neck, down to the foot and lasted for over 3 years.

Not knowing where to turn or what to do, Randi began studying health, healing, nutrition, herbs, and spirituality. Three years later, her relief began when she combined acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and a low stress job at a chiropractor’s office, where she could ultra-sound her back every day. It was a long journey towards health. Randi believes everything happens for a reason. Looking back now, as a Hypnotherapist and a Massage Therapist, she realizes how useful it was for her to experience chronic pain and discover what it takes to deal with it and get through it. In other words – how to heal herself.

Even with back trouble, Randi decided to move forward and obtain a Masters Degree in Environmental Education with the world renowned speaker, professor, trainer and designer, Steve Van Matre. She worked in the field as an environmental educator for over 20 years; teaching, directing, presenting, and designing various outdoor schools, camps, and events for children. She taught mostly kids, but also trained adults, facilitating workshops and giving presentations. Her career was in Environmental Education and her volunteer work was in helping people heal through spiritual practices. Today those roles are reversed. Randi’s career focuses on helping people heal and the core of her volunteer work is protecting the Earth and its life.

Upon completion of her Master’s Degree, Randi met the love of her life and moved to California. While teaching and living in California, she worked closely with Luciano Perez, a Medicine Man and Shaman. Luciano spent many years on the reservation learning Lakota tradition, ceremony and language. He established healing communities all over the world. Ours was located in the Redwoods, north of San Francisco. This was a very special time for Randi. She absolutely loved the deep connection she felt for the Earth participating in the Native American Purification Lodge also known as a Sweat Lodge. The teamwork and camaraderie she experienced during Ceremony was powerful. Randi reminisces, “We lived outside, cooking in outdoor kitchens, and sleeping in tents. We drummed, sang songs, and prayed all the time.”

During these events, Randi witnessed miracles and knew how helpful and important the Sundance was for the people of the reservation. She realize now that while participating in these types of ceremonies, participants were in a light state of hypnosis during the Ceremony and even while cooking the food. One year at the Sundance Ceremony in Rosebud, South Dakota, Randi was in charge of the outdoor kitchen which served up to 300 people a day! She worked almost 24 hours a day and enjoyed it, “I literally slept only 1 hour each day for eleven days, yet I had plenty of energy!”

This was a fascinating time in Randi’s life. Her community was very active; they traveled together training doctors and leading ceremonies. These “ceremonies” were group experiences in which people felt very close to “God” or a “Great Spirit.” A Sweat Lodge, also know as a purification lodge and part of the Native American Church, is a deeply moving and healing experience. A lot of time and resources went into creating the experience.They also participated in Vision Quest, Peace Dance, Sundance, Yuwipi and Pipe Ceremonies. Randi remembers working with a young woman with Leukemia, “We did 4 Yuwipi Healing Ceremonies for her.  She improved every time! Miracles happened regularly. I have many incredible stories.”


Sixteen years later, Randi lives in Ogden Dunes, Indiana. And, of course, is filled with even more stories. She is now in a relationship with a new and wonderful man, and her son is now in college. Going through a divorce and living as a single mom gave Randi a greater understanding of many things including depression and intense stress. She also learned what it means to trust, let go and forgive: All incredible gems that she now has in my personal toolbox. Randi uses this toolbox to help others heal in a variety of ways, many times leading to life-changing transformations! Life is an amazing adventure filled with many surprises. Randi is more in control of those surprises than she ever knew possible. Learning how powerful our minds are and understanding the Law of Attraction are gifts she now shares with everyone in her life.

Randi’s hope for sharing her story is that you found it interesting and enlightening and especially hopes it guides in many wonderful ways.


  • State Certification Hypnotism Training
    – 500 hours of Hypnosis and NLP at the Hypnotism Academy of Indiana
  • Foundation Course in Hynotism
    – Leidecker Institute (Elgin, IL)
  • Advanced Course in Hypnotism
    – Leidecker Institute (Elgin, IL)
  • M.S., with Honors, Environmental Education and Interpretive Services Administration
    – Aurora University (Aurora, IL)
  • B.S., Marketing/Psychology
    – Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)


Volunteer Work

Board Member – Women in Bloom – Donate now to provide scholarships to women in our community! Your donations help provide scholarships for underserved, young careerists, and female veterans.

Event Coordinator Family Fun Night – Ogden Dunes Home Owners Association
(Ogden Dunes, IN)

Board Member – Save the Dunes Council and Save the Dunes Conservation Fund
(Michigan City, IN)

Regional Coordinator & Associate Staff Member – Institute for Earth Education
(Greenville, WV)

Ship and Shore Event – New Buffalo Business Association
(New Buffalo, MI)

Assistant to Luciano Perez, Medicine Man and Director – Intertribal Peace and Healing Center
(San Diego, CA)

Peace Dancer – Intertribal Peace and Healing Center
(San Diego, CA)


National Guild of Hypnotists
Women in Leadership
Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce
Michigan City Chamber of Commerce
Leads R Us
Ogden Dunes Environmental Advisory Board
Young Livings Essential Oils Distributor
Zrii Liquid Dietary Supplement Distributor
Business Women United Network (BWUN)
Women in Bloom (WIB)


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