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I can sleep

Relief from Insomnia!

If you are having trouble falling asleep or falling back to sleep then you are probably feeling exhausted and stressed out. Since stress can instigate sleep issues and lack of sleep amplifies stress, you might feel like you are spiraling into a bad situation and wondering where to turn.

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Pain Relief!

If you are living with chronic pain from an injury or from a disease like fibromyalgia, neuropathy or arthritis, then you are most likely stressed out and worried about how you are going to feel and how you are going to function on a day-to-day basis.

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Athletic Edge copy

Peak Performance and Mental Toughness

How would you like your child to have the Mental Training, Mental Toughness and Peak Performance Techniques to execute like an Elite Athlete? Research states that success is 80% Psychology and only 20% Mechanics!

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It’s Time to Take Off Weight, Feel Great and Keep It Off!

Do you need some inspiration and motivation to change the way you think and feel about food and exercise? Eating and drinking healthier has a positive effect on your life. Changing those old and limiting belief systems – using food to stuff emotions and excess weight to protect yourself are outdated ways of thinking and feeling. You are older, wiser and no longer need food for those reasons. BUT we must make this change in the subconscious mind in order to stay on track and create a new healthier, happier and more confident you.

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Overcome Negative Feelings and Fears!

If you are sick of being in a funk and feeling stuck, frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed or any other negative emotion, then Congratulations! Why you might ask? Because I have over a 90% Success Rate in helping people overcome almost everything that stands in your way of feeling better. The healing and transformational opportunities that await you are real, and when applied, can last a life time.

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Become a Certified Hypnotherapist

Can you imagine a new career that changes people and their lives, fast? Do you love helping people?
Are you… a Coach, a Healer, a Therapist, a Wellness Practitioner, a Massage Therapist, or a Yoga Instructor …who wants to add advanced tools to your toolbox?

Understanding and using hypnotherapy is extremely rewarding because it’s a fast and effective approach for change and healing. If you love healing people and transforming them then register now for this life-changing training . Level I training offers you the opportunity to learn the secrets of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as well as how to hypnotize people to program and reprogram their mind and body.

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Changing your life is just a phone call away.  Contact Randi right now at 219-929-8726.  Appointments are available in person, on line through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or by Phone.


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